How to place orders trought price lists

You can login and download the updated stocklist and re upload it on the website to place a direct order, just fill in the required quantities in the excel file and save it.


In this page you can send a registration request, please fill in with all required data. Once registration is sent out, it must be accepted and then you're able to login.

How to install

Here you can see the install procedure for our iOS App, just follow the few steps to be ready to place orders from your pocket.


A full overview of the backend of SalesFocus. Get a peek on everything!


In this section you see all users that are registered in your SalesFocus, you can activate their accounts, edit infos and choose which pricing they should be able to see.

Server messages

In this section you can edit all server status messages in different languages.

Start order and upload stock

To be able to start to sell, you should first upload all your stocks, once you've done that, all users and customers will be able to see your products and place orders.

Close orders

There are different ways to download orders, in this way you're going to close all orders, downloading them all together with the remaining stock file that you update with all new arrivals before restarting the order process. This should be used at the end of the day. Another option you can use is also simply going to the order section and open the single order you are looking for!