How to improve the sales workflow?

Few steps to upload the availability, sell it and manage the orders and the remaining stocks.

Getting business running is already hard, finding the right people to join your team, products to sell, suppliers and  one of the most important things, customers! You have to make everything work like it should, but when you don't have the right tools to do it, things start to become a bit confused. Every single step in the process should be clear as possible for everyone.    

In the wholesale business time is everything, stocks moves faster than light. Offers are coming in the whole time, and you have to act fast to offer those stocks to your customers before they're gone. You must be able to prepare the pricing and upload it ASAP to be able to sell it. You shouldn't have anything other in your mind then selling. SalesFocus will do the rest.


We appreciate feedbacks and are continuously updating SalesFocus, please don't hesitate to contact us and share ideas and opinions about your needs!


Our team

We are a team of Tech fans, every single member of our team has decades of experience with Hardware and software, and we really enjoy our work and all what we are doing here, from developing software up to selling hardware!

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