Complete wholesale system for B2B companies.

Upload products and start to sell

When you are selling your products, time is the most important factor, for you and for your customers. You need a simple and fast way to update your stocks and pricing, and the customer a fast and easy way to search and order.

Start from excel

Just prepare your stocklist with all different pricings and upload it. You can create different listings aswell.

Customer orders.

They can search for each product code or keyword and see their dedicated pricing and place the order.

Manage orders.

See and/or download single or multiple orders. Or let us integrate them with your invoicing system.

What SalesFocus does for you

SalesFocus was developed for B2B companies for managing orders on an easier way, making also a more enjoyable experience for your customers. We can connect and interface us to all your systems, we also offer customization service for your company.

Real time stocks

Show the actual available quantities, avoid sending files that are outdated just couple mins after sending them out.

Quick stocklist editing

Got a new stock? Copy paste into the main stock excel, edit pricing groups and upload it, you're ready to sell.

Downloadable orders

Download excel files for every single order, multiple orders, with all customers details included!.


Own app name and logo, that's standard. Need more customizations? We can develop everything for your needs!

Different customer pricing

Handle different price categories, just attribute a category to each customer and show the dedicated pricing!


Accounting system? CRM? We can develop a plugin just for your needs and connect everything!

Enhanced search function

No time waste, search for keywords, product codes or partial words, all products will appear immediately!

iOS App

Best user experience for iOS users, search, add and order. Orders history and status updates!

Payment history

Register al payments, also split payments are supported. Backend overview of the customers order status and payments.

Biometric App authentication

More secure and faster login process with Face ID/Touch ID, write your password on the firts login, done.

Shopping cart

Start adding products from your computer and continue to complete the order on your iPhone/iPad app.

Different product lists

Categorize all different products in different listings, tap on them and scroll all your products and add what you need.

Order history

Check all your orders in details, products,quantities, prices, always available in your pocket.

Fast advanced search function

Search for keywords, product codes or partial words, directly add searched products to the shopping cart.

Order status

Check if the order is confirmed, shipped, cancelled or whatever the status will be, or customers will start calling you...

show only what is needed

Take a look at some of our SalesFocus functions on iOS at work! For more detailed views check our videos!


Face ID/Touch ID authentication for more fast and secure authentication

Product listings

Search for specific words or open and scroll trough the listings

Shopping cart

Check, edit, delete products and leave notes. Start from one device and complete on another.


Check all details of all your orders, and immediately see your amount due for the unpaid orders.

Mobile and Desktops

Work in the office, on the go, wherever you are, we gotcha.

Order trough your webshop or App

Let your customer choose between their mobile device or computer ,alternatively they can do both, start on one from the office and complete on the other on the go. Without any complicated buttons and interfaces.

Stocklist orders

Let your customers order trough an updated excel stocklist, they will be able to login and download the stocklist with their dedicated prices. Once they fill up the file with the desired quantities they will be able to upload it, after that all products will be automatically added to their cart where they can check and then send the order out to you.

Easy stock updates

Don't need to add all products manually, just fill all products fields on our excel file, upload it, and that's it! If you need to update or add couple products on the fly you can do that directly from the backend, but for bigger changes, just stop the system, download the updated stock and edit it with all new arrivals and prices! Easy and fast.

Web backend

In this area you can manage all customers accounts, orders, products, payment methods and many other things. From your tablet, from your desktop, it doesn't matter, always have everything under control!

Check our tutorials

Wanna see how eveything works? Here you have it! Just tap on our YouTube channel and check it out! Or if you want to try it in first person, just contact us for a demo!


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